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Here are some FAQ’S that will hopefully cover any questions that you have.

For further queries you can contact:

What is Zumba® Fitness? - See video here.
What is Zumba® Toning? - See video here.

Do I need to book?
You do not have to book classes, just turn up 10 minutes before the class starts and pay at the door.

What do I wear?
Gym gear is perfect! A fitted or loose T-shirt, vest top, leggings or a light track suite are ideal, whatever you feel comfy in as you will definitely work up a sweat!

The best footwear for Zumba® are trainers. Dance trainers are a great option, try Zumba® brand new trainer, where you can purchase at Try to avoid running trainers as they have too much of a grip, also If you have week ankles, knee or back problems it is probably best to avoid flat trainers or pumps with no support! Heels are a NO GO!!!!

Do I need to bring anything with me?
Make sure you bring at least 1 or 2 litre of water to class with you, you may not think it but your body will need rehydrating also a small towel or wrist band will come in handy.

Will I lose weight doing Zumba®?
Eat healthy and attend at least two Zumba® classes a week and you will definitely lose weight! not to mention toning, improving flexibility, agility, co ordination skills, fitness and strength.

Your energy levels will increase in every day normal activities and most important of all, YOU WILL FEEL GOOD!

Is Zumba® the same as high impact aerobics?
You can burn up to 700-1000 calories doing an hour of Zumba®, so you can certainly work as hard as you would in a high impact aerobics class. Zumba® is suitable for all levels, you can go at your own pace.
I always say “Its your body, you know what you are capable of, so just have fun!

I have no co-ordination, will I still be able to do Zumba®?
Zumba® is a great workout designed for everyone to participate in at all levels, there is no need to worry about learning steps, so just enjoy yourself!

Do I have to be able to dance to do this?
Absolutely not! Zumba® Fitness-Party nurtures the less co-ordinated and even self-conscious individual. Our classes are suitable for absolutely anyone, as long as you're moving your partying yourself to a happier, healthier you.

What are the age limitations?
Zumba® is suitable for participants of age 14 and above. Children aged 14 or 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Are your classes mixed - men and women?
Zumba® is suitable for both men and women, both are welcome.

I have an injury, can I still do Zumba®?
Zumba® covers a variety of moves, however, if you let your instructor know about any ailments/injuries you may have, they will give you alternative exercises to do.

I have just found out I am pregnant can I do Zumba®?
Zumba® have advised that this form of exercise is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or recently given birth. (Zumba® advise that women don't return to class until at least 12 weeks after giving birth, enjoy your pregnancy:)
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